Strategic Toxicology Consulting

We provide guidance in the design and planning of GLP toxicology studies necessary to support clinical trials, registration, and marketing of your candidate drug.

Robert B.L. van Lier, PhD DABT

After graduating from University of California, San Francisco with a PhD in Comparative Pharmacology and Toxicology, Dr. van Lier joined Eli Lilly and Company in Indiana. Working in the Toxicology Division he rose as a scientist to become a Senior Research Advisor before setting up his own consulting practice. Along the way he managed a team of scientists who conducted metabolism studies, microsomal activity assays as well as an analytical team responsible for plasma analysis of candidate compounds and their metabolites. Dr. van Lier spent most of his career leading the toxicological development of a wide variety of candidate molecules ranging from agricultural chemical products to pharmaceuticals. During this time he was responsible for filing more than 20 INDs and 4 NDAs including two European MAAs. Dr. van Lier also led a Risk Assessment group responsible for evaluating drug impurities and toxicologic evaluation of drug specifications.