Strategic Toxicology Consulting

We provide guidance in the design and planning of GLP toxicology studies necessary to support clinical trials, registration, and marketing of your candidate drug.

Legal Considerations

At STC we take you privacy and confidentiality very seriously. No client is aware or privy to another client's information. You should only share proprietary information once a CDA is signed by both parties. Your proprietary information will be used only for the duration of the engagement and will not be shared with any third party without your consent beyond what is necessary to solicit bids for studies. All reputable CROs will also adhere to a strict confidentiality policy regardless of whether they are selected to conduct your studies.

Because what we provide is an expert regulatory opinion, views expressed by regulatory agencies once your reports are submitted may differ. We will defend your studies and their outcomes to the best of our abilities, but we cannot be held liable in the event that a clinical trial or market authorization is delayed or denied due to these differences of opinion. Legal clauses expressing this position are available upon request.